Gartner: Last quarter wasn't kind to PC vendors

The global PC market only grew by 1.1% last quarter, in its worst moments since 2002, according to preliminary numbers from Gartner. The market research firm writes that global PC shipments rose from 77.2 million in the fourth quarter of 2007 to 78.1 million last quarter, while revenues dropped by a "record" amount.

In the United States, shipments actually dipped from 17.4 million to 15.6 million—reportedly the worst decline since 2001. The U.S. may not have been the hardest hit, though. Without posting specific numbers for the Asia-Pacific region, the research firm says that area experienced the "worst shipment growth since Gartner started its PC statistics research."

Unsurprisingly, netbooks were largely responsible for what little growth did occur overall, although their greatest strength—low pricing—also contributed to the decline in revenue.

To wrap up this uplifting report, Gartner has posted some market share numbers. Compared to the year before, HP's global market share inched up to 19.1%, while Dell's dropped one point to 13.2%, Acer's rose almost three points to 12.2%, and Lenovo's slipped a tad to 7%.

Looking at the United States only, Dell's market share slipped a couple points to 28.6%, while HP's climbed two points to 27.5%, Acer's rose over six points to 15.2%, and Apple's went up just over one point to 8%. Admittedly, though, Gartner pinned Apple's piece of the pie at 9.5% last quarter.

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