Report: mainstream Nehalem variants delayed

Intel could put pressure on AMD with impending price cuts, but according to DigiTimes, the company won't start its mainstream Nehalem offensive quite as early as planned. The Taiwanese site has received word from motherboard makers that the Lynnfield CPU launch has slipped from late July to late August or early September, and it might slip yet again in the future.

DigiTimes says the "major reason for the pull back" is motherboard makers, which have accumulated excessive stocks of current chipsets because of the economic downturn. Lynnfield will debut hand-in-hand with a new P55 chipset and a new socket, so current P4x-based mobos won't sell quite as well after it comes out.

Intel has reportedly postponed its Havendale low-end processors until January, as well, in order to get more time to clear stock of cheap Core-based processors. Reports from last year suggest Havendale will be a dual-core offering, while Lynnfield will be a quad-core CPU slightly less potent than the Core i7. (It will have two DDR3 memory channels instead of three.)

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