Nvidia cooks up 'green' GeForce 9600 GT

When you purchase a gaming graphics card, power consumption may not necessarily be high up on your list of priorities. Nonetheless, Expreview has learned that Nvidia is prepping a "Green Edition" of its GeForce 9600 GT with lower clocks and considerably lower power draw.

This GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition will reportedly have a 600MHz core clock speed, 1500MHz shader speed, 900MHz memory (for an effective 1800MT/s), 1.0V core voltage, and no external power connector. That will be enough to cut power consumption from 96W to 59W, although considering the regular 9600 GT runs at 650MHz with 1625MHz shaders, the lower clocks should induce a performance tradeoff.

Expreview says it doesn't know when Nvidia will release the card or what the price will be. Pricing may not end up too far from current 9600 GTs, though, and those cards currently sell for as little as $90.

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