Corsair prepares to hop on the SSD bandwagon

The solid-state drive market has gotten just a little bigger. According to a listing on a British online retailer, Corsair has introduced its own line of SSDs, starting with a 2.5" model dubbed the S128.

The drive is already in stock and selling for £326.54 ($456) at Scan. Judging by the spec sheet and product photos, the drive will pack 128GB of multi-level-cell flash memory, a Samsung memory controller, and a 300MB/s Serial ATA interface. Scan quotes maximum sequential speeds of 90MB/s for reads and 70MB/s for writes, which is in line with Samsung's own 128GB SSD. (Both drives have similar-looking metallic enclosures, too, so Corsair may simply be offering a re-badged Samsung drive.)

Considering the current relationship between prices on both sides of the pond, the S128 may only cost $300-350 in the United States. For reference, Western Digital's new 1TB Caviar Green is listed for £93.45 at Scan and $97.99 at the cheapest vendor on our price search engine.

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