Howdy all.

Took me quite a bit longer than I wanted to get the first GPU review out, but the twin CPU and GPU articles I was working on over the holidays did finally see the light of day in the form of the GeForce GTX 285/295 and Phenom II reviews. I think they came out pretty well, too. Was happy to be able to add frame-by-frame data for all FRAPS games to the GPU review for this go 'round, which is something of a first. The GTX 285/295 article was the first one we published using this data set, and I hope to build on it with more configs and different resolution/quality settings (say, for really high-end multi-GPU stuff or for lower-end mainstream video cards) in subsequent reviews. That is the plan, at least, as it usually is.

For the CPU reviews, I'm going to have to add some more low-end processors soon. Should have a nice, broad spectrum of comparison, then.

On another note, as Cyril mentioned, we've been making some tweaks to the layout of the news page, among others. (In fact, we kept making changes after his blog post went up.) The news page now has almost every element of our front-page design on it, so those of you old-school folks who use the news page as your entry to TR shouldn't miss anything big.

Beyond that, almost every page of the site has changed somewhat, with the little widgets on the right-hand side of each page getting reconfigured. We now have better exposure for our blogs, which have really ramped up in the past few months. Also, we've restored the "Hot forums threads" list to prominence across the site. I've felt like the forums were kinda getting the shaft ever since we switched over to our new design, and I think this rectifies that. With luck, we should see a little more participation in there over time.

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