Hors d'oeuvres

  1. Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program (TSCP): branch prediction benchmarks including P4 (spotted on Ace's Hardware)
  2. SiS 735 chipset PR@AMDZone
  3. Overclocked Cafe's Whistler beta preview part II: initial benchmarks
  4. Digit Life's November Mobile Digest
  5. 3D Spotlight's updated Deus Ex tweak guide
  6. Gaming in 3D's hardware giveaway contest
  7. Eurogamer's Christmas upgrades part I
  8. Futurelooks on giving techie gifts for the not so techie
Processors and motherboards

  1. AnandTech on the future of Intel's manufacturing process
  2. Sharky Extreme explores Intel 30nm transistor
  3. Tweak3D's Pentium 4 guide
  4. PlanetHardware on OcUK A7V/TBird 1.15GHz bundle
  5. pcRoddin's 1GHz battle: AMD and Intel
  6. Hardware One reviews MicroStar MSI-6337 i815E
  7. Abit SA6R SAH6VJ BIOS (thanks Electic Tech)

  1. NVmax: NVmax 1.0 maintenance #2 and NVIDIA Detonator Win 9x 6.50 driver
  2. PenStar Systems on NVIDIA today: continued dominance?
  3. TVCC 2000 v1.2: for NVIDIA cards with Chrontel chip (TV out)
  4. Tranzmit's 2 new demos: Broadband by T-Rex (OpenGL) and Le_Grand_Curl by Neurotica EFS
  5. Digit Life on video conferencing
  6. Savage News previews Evil King 4: PowerColor Voodoo 4 4500 AGP
  7. nV News reviews Leadtek WinFast GF2 MX DH Pro TV
  8. Tech-GODS review ATi Radeon All-in-Wonder 32MB
Memory and multimedia

  1. tuplay and Tweakmeister review Mushkin Rev2 PC133 memory
  2. Athlonmb reviews ATTO Express PCI UL3D RAID Kit
  3. Case Modders Australia reviews The Claw
  4. Tech Extreme reviews P1500 Rumble Pad
Cases, cooling, and overclocking

  1. The Tech Zone reviews Overclock Warehouse GXT1212 Super Mid-tower
  2. 3D Rage reviews Overclockwarehouse mid-tower case
  3. Athlon.OC's overclocking how-to
  4. Ace's Hardware on overclocking Socket A processors
  5. Celeron II 600 clocked hard at Jsi Hardware
  6. TacoNuts' overclocker's hit list
  7. Tom's Hardware Guide on cooling the CPU
  8. Overclockers Online does battle of the orbs: Tt Chrome Orb vs. Super Orb
  9. GideonTech reviews Tt Blue Orb
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