Saturday Shortbread


  1. DailyTech reports Senate expected to pass bill to delay digital transition
  2. DTV deal would extend Verizon, AT&T licenses
  3. EETimes provides analysis: Qimonda won't be the only shakeout victim
  4. Intel chairman Craig Barrett to retire in May
  5. ComputerWorld reports Intel rattle saber over AMD's manufacturing spin-off plan
  6. Seagate employee explains firmware debacle
  7. TechFlash reports Microsoft should have made deeper cuts, analysts contend
  8. C|Net reports Apple reaches $22.5 million settlement in Nano scratch suit
  9. TG Daily reports Microsoft could face $8.5 billion in damages for "Vista Capable" case
  10. DigiTimes reports Ion-based PCs to hit the market by 2Q or 3Q this year, says Nvidia
  11. VR-Zone reports Intel plans for low-power Lynnfield in Q1 2010
  12. TweakTown reports Asus internal clashes could create a new brand?
  13. Fudzilla reports Nvidia 40nm is taped out and AM3 comes in
    early February and Intel to release energy-efficient Core i5 CPUs
  14. AnandTech on PC Power & Cooling - visiting a legend
  15. TG Daily: A peek inside Apple's top-secret design facility
Software and gaming

  1. C|Net on what the EU might force Microsoft to do
  2. General availability for the Windows 7 beta to end on Feb. 10
  3. Engadget: Windows 7 put up against Vista and XP in hardcore multicore benchmakrs, XP wins
  4. InfoWorld reports layoffs call for Microsoft to rethink Windows client
  5. Gizmodo: The first Windows review ever
  6. HardwareZone on CUDA from Nvidia: turbo-charging high performance computing
  7. Phoronix has AMD R700 2D driver performance comparison
  8. Core Temp 0.99.4 released
  9. About the security content of QuickTime 7.6
  10. Microsoft makes big cuts at Flight Sim studio
  11. Study: Video games lead to poor relationships
  12. FiringSquad on Windows 7 beta gaming performance: XP vs. Vista vs. 7
  13. bit-tech previews C&C: Red Alert 3 Uprising
  14. Gaming Heaven previews Sims 3
  15. TestFreaks review Guitar Hero on Tour: Decades (Nintendo DS)
Systems, storage, and multimedia

  1. 25 years of Macintosh: Ars Technica's favorite Mac moments
  2. Ars Technica: Netbooks sales are up, but do users acually like them?
  3. CPU3D reviews Phenom II 940 Black Edition
  4. VR-Zone's 5-way X58 motherboards roundup part 1
  5. Big Bruin reviews 2GB Super Talent Godfather flash drive
  6. Tech ARP's Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 review rev. 2.0
  7. Legit Reviews on V-Moda Vibe II headset
  8. XSReviews on SteelSeries WoW mouse
Power and cases

  1. Hardware Secrets reviews 650W In Win Commander power supply
  2. DriverHeaven reviews akasa Infiniti Zor gaming case
  3. Rbmods on Thermaltake Spedo case
  4. Björn3D reviews NZXT Zero 2 case
  5. Modders-Inc reviews NZXT Tempest case
  6. TechwareLabs review XClio 1000 chassis
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