Windows 7 public beta to be up until February 10

Scratch the 2.5-million download limit and January 24 deadline—members of the public still have another couple of weeks to download the Windows 7 beta. Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc has posted an update on the Windows Team Blog to say the deadline has jumped once again, this time from January 24 to February 10.

To be more specific, Microsoft will stop accepting new downloads on February 10, but folks who already started downloads will be able to continue them until February 12. After that date, the company will block all downloads. LeBlanc says the deadline was moved up because "enthusiasm continues to be so high for the Windows 7 Beta and we don't want anyone to miss out."

Interestingly, LeBlanc adds that license distribution will continue "even after February 12th," which could leave the door open for folks who get the Windows 7 beta installer from other sources. In the meantime, the beta remains available from the official Windows 7 page.

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