AMD to let Geode line die without heirs

Don't expect to see future AMD Geode processors battling it out with Intel's Atom in the handheld market. PC World has heard straight from the horse's mouth that AMD has no plans for future Geode CPUs, and that it will just keep offering current models until demand dies off.

AMD's Randy Allen explained in an interview, "We'll continue to sell the Geode line of products, but as far as are we going to be bringing out a new core microarchitecture specifically targeted at that space -- no, we won't be doing that. It's not a part of our future product road map." Instead, Allen said AMD will focus on chips like the new Athlon Neo MV-40, a 15W K8-derived CPU designed for low-cost ultra-portable notebooks. (Geode LX power envelopes range from 3.1W to 5.1W, by contrast.)

One of AMD's best-known design wins for the Geode LX is probably the OLPC XO-1, which kicked off the netbook craze despite being a non-consumer-focused philantropic effort. AMD is still working with the OLPC folks, but the next-gen XO-2 laptop seems likelier to feature one of Intel's Lincroft Atom SoCs. Interestingly, though, PC World quotes an OLPC staffer as saying the organization wants to avoid an exclusive deal with one CPU vendor.

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