New MSI gaming notebook is quick, not so heavy

Speedy gaming notebooks don't all have to be large, heavy contraptions. MSI has demonstrated that with its new GT627 laptop, which weighs a fairly reasonable 5.8 lbs despite its 1680x1050 15.4" display and GeForce 9800M GS graphics processor.

MSI has endowed the GT627 with a nice overall cross-section of parts, too: a choice of 45nm Core 2 Duo processors, a PM45 chipset, 320GB of 7,200-RPM mechanical storage, 802.11n, Bluetooth, and optional Blu-ray. Despite using Centrino 2-class hardware, however, the machine takes DDR2 memory instead of DDR3.

On the graphics side of things, the GeForce 9800M GS should be a little slower than the desktop GeForce 9600 GT. Both GPUs have 64 stream processors and 256-bit memory interfaces, but Nvidia quotes slightly lower memory bandwidth and texture fill rate for the former. The 9800M GS should still be fast enough for gaming at 1680x1050, though, especially considering the stagnating nature of PC game hardware requirements.

Otherwise, MSI boasts about the GT627's anodized brushed aluminum case and its Turbo Drive Engine, which can "overclock the notebook’s Intel Core 2 Duo Processor . . . by as much as 15% at the touch of a button when in AC mode." If you'd rather save battery life, MSI also includes an Eco Engine feature that lets the user "switch between five power settings to ensure efficient power consumption."

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