Second-gen Kindle to show up next month?

Over a year after setting the Kindle loose in the United States, Amazon may be about to introduce a new-and-improved version of the wireless e-book reader. Gizmodo has word of an upcoming event at the Morgan Library in New York on February 9, and it says the second-gen Kindle could well see the light of day there.

According to an older story by TechCrunch, the new Kindle was originally supposed to launch before the holidays. However, "Jeff Bezos himself" allegedly requested last-minute software changes, pushing the release into the first quarter of this year.

If the new Kindle looks anything like the device that appeared in spy photos last year, it should be a little taller and wider than the original, but with the same screen size. TechCrunch said in a separate report that the new device will also lack an SD card slot. None of these stories mention pricing, but something around (or perhaps below) the original Kindle's $359 price tag wouldn't be surprising.

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