Mount your USB ports up front

Not only do most motherboards have two standard USB ports at the rear, they're also starting to spec an additional 2 or 3 that can be mounted in a rear expansion slot. Chances are, if you're needing 4+ USB ports, you'll have devices like digital cameras and MP3 players that you plug in regularly. Of course ,USB ports mounted in the rear require the dreaded reach around to get things connected. Not to worry—this article will show you how to solve the problem by mounting the additional USB ports at the front of your case in a 3.5" bay. The project specifically discusses the Asus A7V, but I'm sure this mod would work on just about any board sporting extra ports, in addition to also working for 5.25" bays if your smaller bays happen to be full. Thanx to the OCP for the tip.
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