Mozilla Fennec browser heads to Windows Mobile

While Mozilla might be arriving late to the mobile browser scene, it doesn't seem to be lacking ambition. The folks at British gadget site Electricpig have found evidence that the Fennec web browser will hit Windows Mobile in early February.

To be fair, the evidence isn't exactly hard to uncover: a January 26 mobile update on the official Mozilla Wiki reads, "We are targeting a Milestone release for the first week of February, targeting the HTC touch pro."

Milestones tend to be pre-beta builds according to Mozilla lingo, so don't expect a flawless rival to Internet Explorer Mobile just yet. However, Firefox's mobile cousin already seemed to work pretty well on Nokia's Linux-powered N810 Internet Tablet last year. The Windows Mobile version could behave similarly, although the HTC Touch Pro does have a slightly lower-resolution display than the N810.

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