GPU shipments fell last quarter, says JPR

No great surprise there: graphics processors didn't transcend the economic slowdown last quarter. In fact, Jon Peddie Research reports that shipments slipped to just 72.35 million in the fourth quarter of 2008—that's down from 111.26 million the previous quarter and 100.5 million a year before. As the research firm points out, though, shipments were "unusually high" in Q3.

JPR says Nvidia managed to take back some market share from AMD. Nvidia's slice of the overall GPU market rose from 27.8% in the third quarter to 30.7% in the fourth, while AMD's share fell from 20.6% to 19.3%. Compared to a year before, however, AMD's market share actually went up one point.

Looking at specific segments, JPR writes that AMD's mobile market share dropped from 20.9% in Q3 to 17.1% in Q4. Nvidia's share climbed from 21.8% to 22.9% over the same time period, and Intel's market share also rose three points to reach a hefty 59.2%. AMD nevertheless managed to increase its presence on the desktop—that went from 20.3% in Q3 to 21.4% in Q4.

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