Catalyst 9.1 drivers bring bug fixes, full OpenGL 3

Just over a month behind Nvidia, AMD has released its first graphics drivers with "full" OpenGL 3.0 support. In this case, OpenGL 3.0 finds its way in the latest major Catalyst release—version 9.1, which is available right now for Windows Vista x86, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, and Windows XP Pro x64.

These new Catalyst drivers otherwise look like business as usual for AMD. The company has tackled a copious number of bugs related to the Catalyst Control Center, video playback, general stability, and other miscellaneous software (but very few games). You'll find the full release notes linked right in the driver download pages.

OpenGL 3.0 capabilities shouldn't affect gamers just yet, since pretty much all PC games out there use either Direct3D or OpenGL 2.x. Nonetheless, the release notes list 10 new extensions and support for the OpenGL Shading Language 1.3 spec. AMD first offered OpenGL 3.0 support in the Catalyst 8.9 release last September.

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