Crysis Warhead patch adds 64-bit executables

When Crysis Warhead came out last year, some Crysis fans expressed surprise at the lack of a 64-bit executable for the game. Well, developer Crytek has now rectified the situation. As Shacknews reports, the first patch for Crysis Warhead introduces 64-bit executables for both Windows Vista and Windows XP. You can download the 37.31MB update over here at FileShack.

Vista users will be able to launch the 64-bit flavor of the game by right-clicking the Crysis Warhead icon in the Windows Games Explorer. In Windows XP, the patch simply adds a new shortcut to the program group for the title. Be warned, though: the release notes say saved games from the 32-bit version won't work in the 64-bit one, and vice-versa.

Otherwise, the patch also brings some miscellaneous fixes and improvements. In Vista, the game should no longer start up in windowed mode randomly, and it shouldn't offset the mouse cursor in the menu anymore. Crytek also mentions "better dynamic texture support" for the "enthusiast" detail mode.

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