Mercury: Processor shipments plummeted in Q4

Well, you know what they say: misery loves company. According to new Mercury Research numbers quoted by eWeek, the x86 microprocessor market saw an 8.8% year-on-year drop in shipments last quarter. This report comes almost immediately after Jon Peddie Research revealed that graphics processor shipments fell by 28% over the same time period.

eWeek says the x86 processor market saw "unusually strong" performance in the third quarter, but shipments plunged by a massive 18% between the third and fourth quarters. That also mirrors the situation on the GPU front, where shipments declined 35% sequentially after an unusually good Q3.

The situation may only get worse this quarter. Mercury Research reportedly predicts, "Leading indicators are that the first quarter will be much worse than the seasonal average decline of 7.4 percent, with our forecast currently at 15 [percent] for the first quarter based on market conditions in mid-January."

Incidentally, last quarter saw Intel make small market share gains over AMD and Via—although Mercury attributes those largely to the success of the Atom processor. The market share picture would have remained "largely unchanged" without Atom and strong netbook sales, Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron told eWeek.

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