A computer that doesn't crash?

NASA is paying for a High Dependability Computing Consortium which will stress improved reliability for computer systems. Not just for space missions, mission critical servers are also on the table. As the Internet, digital communication, and data storage become increasingly important, the need for reliable systems certainly exits. With some governments going so far as to think about considering the Internet an essential service, I would expect that a considerable market exists.
Martin Griss, principal scientist for Hewlett-Packard's Software Technology Laboratory and consortium steering committee member, added that developing crash-proof computers is critical to the fortunes of the technology companies themselves -- whether they're selling to consumers or corporate customers.

``Take a single printer. It has software embedded in it. It has to be reliable,'' Griss said. ``Another example is a high-end (Internet) server. If it goes down, you can imagine how it would impact people surfing, buying and selling.''

I'm sure you'll all have a good snicker over Microsoft's name being listed as one of the participants. Thanks to the Shack for the link.
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