Poll: One last netbook question

Yes, we've already done a netbook survey, but you know how those things go—some great addition can come to mind a little while after the fact, when it's too late to make changes. Since our front page poll also needed an update, though, we decided to indulge ourselves.

Our last question is quite simple: is your netbook your primary PC, a laptop replacement, or a third system you use in addition to a laptop and a desktop? The results should be interesting, especially in light of the limited hardware and display real estate netbooks deliver. Do TR readers find these systems capable enough to replace full-featured PCs?

The previous front page poll was about keyboard design preferences. 46% had no qualms with regular Microsoft and Logitech keyboards, while users of clicky and ergonomic keyboards were almost neck-and-neck: 13% favoring the clicky option, and 14% preferring their keyboards split. Next up were laptop-style keyboards (9%), followed closely by pimped keyboards filled with buttons and dials (those garnered 8% of the vote).

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