Shacknews gets acquired by GameFly

Our friends over at Shacknews are getting some new bosses. They've announced that online game rental service GameFly has purchased the site and its spinoffs, including FileShack and Shackvideo.

The change of ownership could help Shacknews grow without changing its editorial content: GameFly co-founder Sean Spector explains, "We purchased Shacknews because it's a great site. . . . We believe we can help expand its reach--we're not looking to twist and turn the site into something else." The announcement also says GameFly plans to keep Shacknews' editorial staff as-is.

According to Forbes' Chris Morris, the acquisition could be a way for GameFly to propel itself in the world of digital distribution—although he says the company's management "downplays this," claiming to have purchased the site "solely because of [its] reputation and content." Morris expects the acquisition will also double GameFly's traffic, since both sites see 2.5-3 million unique visitors each month.

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