Intel CFO: Bad economy is a chance to zoom ahead of AMD

The troubled economy hasn't spared Intel, and the company could even see its first loss in almost 22 years this quarter. However, Intel CFO Stacy Smith sees a silver lining in the situation—or so he hinted in an interview with Fox Business.

Smith told Fox that Intel is "going forward with pretty significant investments" in order to increase its lead. According to Smith, Intel has a "three-quarter lead" over the competition, and it would "love to get it up to six quarters." Intel reportedly plans capital spending of $5 billion for this year, and it believes other companies will be cutting spending because of the economic climate.

To Intel's credit, AMD only recently managed to put up a fight against the 45nm Core 2 Quads that came out in early 2008. Judging by the latest AMD roadmaps, the smaller chipmaker might not catch up to the Core i7 until 2011 with its Bulldozer architecture. AMD could nonetheless compete successfully with mainstream Core i7 derivatives until then.

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