GT218 budget graphics processor coming in April?

Nvidia may be about to re-brand some its mid-range graphics cards, but maybe it hasn't yet given up on producing new chips outside the high-end market. According to German site Hardware-Infos, the company is about to unveil a new GT218 graphics processor for low-end cards.

Don't expect a GeForce 9800 GT killer here: Hardware-Infos' specification table cites 32 shader processors, a 64-bit memory interface, 12.8GB/s of memory bandwidth, and a 22W power envelope. A diagram posted by VR-Zone also suggests the card will have a low-profile form factor. Despite the spartan specifications, the GT218 will supposedly share its host card with 512MB of GDDR3 RAM, and it will have both greater memory bandwidth and four times as many SPs as the current GeForce 8400 GS.

Interestingly, both VR-Zone and Hardware-Infos claim the GT218 GPU will be based on 40nm process technology, and they expect a launch in April. With any luck—and assuming this information is true—additional 40nm GPUs with slightly more exciting specifications could be on their way, as well.

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