AMD to do some graphics card re-branding, too

Recent rumors about Nvidia's GPU renaming plans haven't exactly generated a lot of positive vibes. According to Fudzilla, however, AMD has similar changes in store for low-end RV600-series offerings.

Rather than quiz obscure sources at graphics card makers, Fudo simply opened .inf files from the latest Catalyst 9.1 graphics drivers in a text editor. Apparently, the driver file names 11 Radeon HD 4000-series offerings—from the Radeon HD 4230 to the 4750—based on RV630 and RV610 graphics processors.

Fudzilla claims affected GPUs are actually the RV615 and RV635, but the fact remains: Radeon HD 3400- and 3600-series graphics cards may soon start new lives as Radeon HD 4200-, 4500-, and 4700-series products. That name change admittedly seems a tad counterintuitive, considering the RV730-based Radeon HD 4670 is roughly as fast as the old Radeon HD 3850 overall. Who said arbitrary re-brandings had to make sense, though?

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