news analyst predicts nvidia powered microsoft phone

Analyst predicts Nvidia-powered Microsoft phone

Ever since Apple released the iPhone, folks have been hinting and speculating that Microsoft could follow up with its own handset—Windows Mobile partnerships be damned. So far, though, both Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates have remained adamant that Windows Mobile is all Microsoft’s concerned about.

CNet News now quotes an analyst for Broadpoint AmTech who claims Microsoft is cooking up its own handset anyway, and it will base the device around Nvidia’s Tegra system-on-a-chip. In case you missed all the buzz last year, Tegra is a tiny, 144 mm² SoC that includes an ARM11 processor core, a GeForce graphics core, and support for high-definition video decoding and encoding. Nvidia plans to release a second-generation Tegra chip this year, followed by a third-gen model in 2010.

Doug Freedman, the analyst, believes that the Microsoft device will be Nvidia’s second design win after an upcoming Tegra-based HTC handset. He mitigates the prediction by noting, “it could turn out to be…a reference design Microsoft has used. That could be possible. . . . But we’ve also picked up that Microsoft is working on a phone themselves.” Freedman speculates that Apple could use Tegra in a future iPhone, too, although that’s less likely: Apple seems to be intent on developing iPhone chips in-house.

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  1. ive been waiting for ages for a mobile phone with:

    – a fast processor
    – a 3d chip
    – a touchscreen
    – a full qwerty keyboard

    something like a touch pro with a 3d chip or just gime the N95 hardware or the iphone with a windows mobile platform and keyboard. We have been pretty close but not quite yet. Someday soon!

  2. Where can I buy this breathing you speak of and how much does it cost?
    I would like to survive as soon as possible.

  3. lol MS would prolly go with ATi before then since they don’t have chip fab problems like S3 (Via) and Nvidia…..

  4. Products are not deemed failures purely on market share. It is all about if the product is going to make a profit or not. At this point in time the Xbox 360 looks to be a great success for Microsoft considering the relative time frames in the console gaming business. As for the Zune, yes it isn’t that hot but it really isn’t a massive failure either, simply moderate and this is based more on consumer ignorance then a poor product.

  5. Your argument would make sense… if Microsoft made hardware. As far as I know, they have only made software for phones. Also, good job ignoring the 600 pound gorilla in the room named Nokia.

  6. from a sales perspective the zune is a complete failure, and the xbox is hit or miss. It’s a hit in so far as its doing better vs the PS3 than the xbox did vs the PS2, but it’s a miss in so far as it’s way behind the wii.

  7. Interesting dilemma for MS. In the case of Zune, they killed off all of their partners just to sell a device that has clearly flopped in the marketplace (yes, I know some people love it, but it’s flopped nevertheless). So, do they want to take the chance of that happening again? Well… .they might have no choice. Apple is gaining a lot of momentum with the iPhone, and RIM is very entrenched. MS can’t just sit back and watch Apple take over a major product category. I bet we will see a z-phone. And it might not flop as bad as the zune, because while consumers probably won’t touch it, I can imagine that some businesses will.

    Still… I think apple and iphone are well on their way to taking over the world.

  8. They’re always in the investing mood. You can’t let a short term issue (which is what the economic issues are) ruin your long term goals, THAT is how you can end up destroying a strong company. You might cut back on it but in all honesty the expense of them developing a phone is not that high. They already develop a widely supported mobile OS, I’m 100% sure HTC would love to contract this with Microsoft, and Nvidia wants their chip in a high profile device. Total cost? Not that high when you already have way way more than half of the equation in your budget.

  9. How does Microsoft think these things up??? Genius!!! Once again Microsoft shows the world it’s leadership and vision!

    zPhone! YEAH! or should that be ZZZzzzzz….Phone

  10. Hey, folks, let’s not forget the iphone seemed like a stupid idea when it came out. The difference is, nvidia and Microsoft could make a minature PC. (woops, we’re not supposed to talk about that, are we?). Combine a miniprojector, fast memory, and great battery… you have a mini laptop on the go that you make calls with. An app store is ancillary, especially when it is expensive and allows amateurs to make garbage. OMG THEY HAVE AN APP TO FIND YOUR PARKED CAR.

  11. Because the quality of the phone is out of their control. The vast majority of winmo phones suck compared to current gen blackberrys, iphones, and android. The app selection is abysmal. They often do not put enough memory on it. 3rd party apps regularly takes down the phone. The interface is a joke.

    MS has realized that they will need to do things themselves if they want to protect their market share. Hence why they are hosting their own apps and services online like sharepoint because the 3rd party hosts really sucked and blew their reputationg{<.<}g

  12. Yeah, I guess you make a good point. Still, my other point still stands that Microsoft doesn’t exactly look like they are in the /[

  13. The Zune had one major bug that self righted. The DRM is related entirely to if you go with their service, which you don’t have to. Most Zune buyers likely use a service like Amazon simply because the Zune subscription service hasn’t been compelling till recently.

    The Xbox 360 RROD issue was fixed by an extended warranty and the product itself is widely considered the most well rounded console.

    That’s a pretty good track record when you think about it. They fixed their major issues and have continued to provide excellent supports and updates. Which is far better than most hardware providers of any sort.

  14. I don’t find your statement vague enough, but a little more effort and you could pass for a real analyst!

  15. MS puts out a fair share of modest hardware, some of it decent, such as keyboards, mice, game controllers That said, this phone idea does seem like a stretch.

  16. I predict that multiple companies will be getting into the smartphone industry sooner than any of you think. I think that most of them will be a surprise, but that one or two will make a lot of sense. But it’s also possible that one or two companies that you think it makes a lot of sense to have them release a phone won’t do it until it’s too late.

  17. The xbox is hit-or-miss? The Zune is also quite a good product, for anyone that gives it a chance.

  18. Because there are numerous other advantages to having a single piece of hardware to run your software. Look at the iPhone. You could even extend this slightly to RIM and how they don’t license out the BlackBerry OS. When you can have complete control over what hardware the system is going to be on you can make a much more stable environment and potentially even more important these days you can make a more INTEGRATED environment.

  19. I have to agree with previous posters, this is totally ridiculus!
    WHY would they make their own handset when they already have hundreds out there from other manufacturers? (Using WinMo).
    Just like google said about the Android system! Why make our own when customers can have hundreds to choose from? (Maybe not in the exact same words but to the same effect)!

  20. Wow I wished I was paid thousands and thousands a year to make way off-base guesses.

    Dear Analyst: Historically, Microsoft’s hardware ventures have been hit-and-miss at best (see Xbox) and shaky flops at worse (see Zune). Microsoft just cut 5000 jobs and you expect them to make the (considerable) capital investment on a new hardware product?

    YOU are the one that should be out of a job.