Chrome could support Firefox-like extensions by late May

Google's web browser may get Firefox-style extensions in just three months, according to a sharp-eyed Silicon Valley blogger. Chrome Product Manager Brian Rakowski already announced upcoming extension support last month, but he said the functionality would arrive gradually, and he didn't mention a precise schedule.

However, blogger Nicholas Moline spotted something interesting in the program for the Google I/O developer conference. The page describes a session entitled, "Developing extensions for Google Chrome." Clicking on the session name reveals the following text:

Learn how Google Chrome makes it easy to write extensions using the web technologies you already know. This talk will cover the basics of the extension system (distribution/packaging, installation, updates), as well as the different APIs to enhance with the browser.

Since Google I/O is taking place on May 27-28, the message seems clear: Chrome will have some degree of third-party extension support by then. Of course, Moline doesn't point out that support could appear only in developer builds, and it may take some more time for public Chrome releases to get the same functionality.

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