Rumor: Intel to skip to 32nm with CPU-GPU hybrid

Intel may not be rushing to get its first desktop CPU-GPU chimera out the door. We heard last year that the company had postponed its first Havendale processors until early 2010. Now, VR-Zone claims the company has removed Havendale from its roadmap altogether and replaced it with a 32nm derivative.

Allegedly, Havendale was supposed to be a 45nm part with two microprocessor cores and one graphics processor. In its stead, VR-Zone says Intel will roll out Clarkdale, a product with two 32nm microprocessor cores on a single die and a 45nm GPU on a separate die. Both dies will supposedly lie on the same package, although VR-Zone doesn't specify how they'll communicate.

If true, this delay isn't all that surprising: AMD has postponed its first CPU-GPU hybrids all the way until 2011, and shrinking CPU cores to 32nm would allow Intel to keep within a tighter power envelope. Besides, Intel's roadmaps call for 32nm "production readiness" in the fourth quarter of this year, so Clarkdale might not arrive much later than Havendale's former due date.

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