Dead Rising 2 coming to the PC

Sick of Left 4 Dead? Don't care about the upcoming downloadable content? Don't worry: there's more zombie killing on the way. As Shacknews reports, Capcom has announced a sequel to the Xbox 360-exclusive sandbox zombie classic, Dead Rising—and this one will hit the PC and PlayStation 3. Here's what's coming in Dead Rising 2:

The sequel will be set in the Las Vegas-inspired "gambling paradise of Fortune City." . . . The new setting is said to provide tens of thousands of zombies and a host of new weapons for open-world zombie-killing, such as a human-sized hamster ball. The original, which took place in a shopping mall, allowed players to combat zombies with mannequins, umbrellas, bowling balls, chainsaws, guns, lawn mowers, and more.

Rather than Capcom, Shacknews says Blue Castle Games will be creating the sequel. However, members of the original Capcom team will contribute to the project, and Capcom executive Keiji Inafune will fill in as producer.

You can view some screenshots of Dead Rising 2 over at Shacknews and a teaser video at Shackvideo.

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