Intel might not cut notebook CPU prices until June

Don't expect notebooks to start toting faster processors for the money anytime soon. According to DigiTimes, which quotes anonymous "market sources," Intel has told partners not to look forward to notebook CPU price cuts before the end of May.

Why the announcement? DigiTimes says "some market players" believed Intel would slash some notebook CPU prices this quarter in order to boost demand. However, Intel has apparently decided not to start cutting prices until June. As an example of an upcoming price cut, the article mentions a 13-40% price reduction for the 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo T9600. That offering is $530 in Intel's current price list, so it could fall to around $320-460.

Judging by the way the article is worded, Intel may have postponed its cuts in order to give notebook makers more time to clear out their existing stocks. DigiTimes writes that Intel also delayed its upcoming Nehalem-based Calpella platform because of "partners' inventory status and market demand." We heard in January that some laptop makers hoped for a Calpella delay, which would give them time to clear potentially "inflated" Centrino 2 stocks.

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