SanDisk touts high-performance 8GB flash chips

Flash memory capacities just keep on increasing. In its latest bid to continue the trend, SanDisk says it has teamed up with Toshiba to produce the "world's first high performance 4-bits-per-cell (X4) flash memory." Coupling four-bit-per-cell technology with a 43nm process, SanDisk managed to cram an impressive 64Gb (8GB) onto a single die. That breaks another record in itself, apparently—that of "highest capacity in the industry."

The new flash memory purportedly keeps up with typical multi-level-cell flash on the performance front, with SanDisk quoting a 7.8MB/s write speed for a lone chip. (You can probably multiply that a few times to account for storage devices that use multiple chips in parallel.) The company says it had to develop an "advanced X4" controller to "effectively manage the complexities and performance requirements of X4 memory." Said controller shares the same multi-chip package as the 8GB chip.

Speaking of storage devices, we may see SanDisk's new creation out in the market before too long. The firm says it intends to kick off mass production in the first half of this year.

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