Latest Chrome graphics card has GDDR3 RAM, costs $70

Slowly but surely, S3 is building up its Chrome graphics card series with faster models. The latest newcomer is the Chrome 540 GTX, which S3 announced earlier today.

Unlike other members of the Chrome 400 and 500 lines, the Chrome 540 GTX packs GDDR3 memory—256MB of it, to be precise—and a graphics processor clocked at a respectable 800MHz. Still, the card only has a 64-bit memory interface and limited shader power, so S3 says it's only slightly faster than AMD's $35+ Radeon HD 4350. (The 4350 has DDR2 memory and just 80 stream processors.)

You can expect to pay nearly double for that small performance increase, because the Chrome has a suggested retail price of $69.95. That's dangerously close to the Radeon HD 4670, which should have considerably more horsepower in games. To its credit, though, the Chrome 540 GTX includes DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity as well as built-in 7.1-channel audio. Similarly to the Radeon, the 540 GTX also has DirectX 10.1 support and high-definition video decoding capabilities.

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