LG, Intel to team up on Moorestown smart phone

Intel seems to have been priming its Moorestown platform for smart phones from the start, and now, it’s found a launch partner: LG. The Korean firm has announced plans for a next-gen, Moorestown-based mobile Internet device that will have 3G wireless connectivity and run Intel’s Moblin 2.0 Linux-based operating system.

Although Intel calls the LG device an MID throughout its press release, the company also writes, “LG and Intel’s common goal is to unleash rich Internet experiences across a range of mobile devices while delivering the functionality of today’s high-end smart phones.” That gives a pretty clear idea of what’s in store. The LG phone-cum-MID should be “one of the first” Moorestown designs to hit the market.

For the unacquainted, the Moorestown platform will play host to the Atom’s system-on-a-chip successor. Code-named Lincroft, this SoC will be based on 45nm process technology, and it will integrate a CPU core, a graphics core, and a memory controller in a single die. Sharing the ride will be the Langwell “I/O” hub, which will provide wireless, storage, and display connectivity. Intel already showed a working Moorestown prototype last October, and it expects a launch “by 2010.” (Incidentally, Intel claims Moorestown devices will have more than ten times lower idle power draw than current Atom MIDs.)

As for Moblin 2.0, the future operating system may well take after the current, MID-friendly release. However, Intel says it’s designing the software to “deliver a great PC-like Internet experience while also supporting cell phone voice capabilities.”

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    • ryko
    • 11 years ago

    looks like they are trying to rain on the tegra announcement earlier by nvidia…

    • ludi
    • 11 years ago

    Moorestown power consumption?

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