Rumor: AMD to strike at Intel with dual-core 'Callisto'

AMD may soon repeat its strategy of lopping two cores off a Phenom and selling it as a cheap Athlon—except this time with a 45nm product. We've already heard rumors that AMD is planning 45nm Athlon X2s based on a new Regor core for a June launch. Fudzilla now brings word of another incoming dual-core product: Callisto.

Reportedly, Callisto will be based on the 45nm Deneb core that's inside AMD's new Phenom II X4 processors. Just like with the current, Phenom-derived Athlon X2 7750, AMD will simply disable two cores and keep the shared L3 cache intact (6MB in this case). Considering Deneb can match 45nm Core 2 Quads, Callisto could be a formidable competitor to Intel's low-end Core 2 Duo and Pentium processors.

Fudzilla says we can look forward to the first Callisto CPUs in the second quarter of this year. That's a loose time frame, but if AMD chooses to launch the chip as a stop-gap before native 45nm Athlon X2s, we could see it appear sooner rather than later.

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