8.9-inch Eee PCs to disappear this year

They're small, light, and cheap, and they've been seducing cash-strapped users for months now. However, 8.9" Eee PCs may also be about to disappear from store shelves and e-tail listings altogether. DigiTimes quotes Asus Asia-Pacific President Benson Lin as saying Asus will "completely phase out" Eee PCs with 8.9" displays in 2009.

Why such a dramatic move? 10-inch models are "becoming the mainstream specification in the market," according to Lin. DigiTimes says Asus expects 10" Eee PCs to make up 95% of all its netbook shipments this year, with 7" machines aimed at telecom companies accounting for the other 5%.

The popularity of 10" Eee PCs isn't a new phenomenon. When we whipped up a poll to ask readers for their favorite netbooks last September, the Eee PC 1000H got the most votes (18%), while only 5% of folks picked the Eee PC 901. Right now, 10" Eee PC models are available for as little as $349.99 on Newegg, and going with a lower-specced 8.9" machine only saves you 50 bucks. Both systems have the same display resolution of 1024x600, however.

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