Quake Live beta to go public next week

If you haven't already, you'll get a chance to sample id Software's upcoming browser-based multiplayer shooter next week. As Shacknews writes, the Quake Live beta will open up on Tuesday, February 24.

Quake Live is essentially a browser-based port of Quake III: Arena with some classic maps (including an updated Q3DM17), some new maps, and a modern community element including player stats and skill matching. Since the game uses the old id Tech 3 engine, it should run on just about anything—even netbooks with Intel integrated graphics.

When the beta opens, all you'll have to do is head to quakelive.com, sign up, download the browser plugin installer, and get your game on. The plug-in only works on Windows systems with Firefox or Internet Explorer right now, although id says support for Mac, Linux, and other browsers is "under development."

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