Celeron 800MHz/100MHz FSB hits Japan

AKIBA PC Hotline! is reporting that the Intel Celeron 800MHz supporting the 100MHz front side bus has hit Japan. Check out the marking which reads "celeron TM MALAY 800/128/100/1.7V Q047A834-0602 SL4TF." This translates to 800MHz, 128KB L2 cache, 100MHz FSB, and 1.7V. Here is a side by side comparison to the Celeron 700MHz. According to the article, it differs from previous Celerons in that it has 6 capacitors instead of 5. Prospective users should be aware that this processor is fussy enough to require a motherboard that supports the 100MHz FSB. Otherwise, the system might report the processor running at 8 X 66MHz = 533MHz. Also, the price is about the same as a retail Pentium III 800MHz and AMD Thunderbird 1GHz so it doesn't sound like a good investment. Caveat emptor. Well, you can check out more pictures here and here.
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