1. FiringSquad's NVIDIA 3dfx transaction interview
  2. Gamers Depot's interview with NVIDIA
  3. Xbit labs on ATi's future plans
  4. Real World Tech on Alpha EV8 (part I)
  5. ZZZ online number 62 (December 17)
  6. PlanetHardware's holiday buyer's guide

  1. Hexus and look at Abit VP6
  2. ClubOverclocker reviews MSI 694D Pro-A
  3. Sharky Extreme reviews Asus P4T i850
  4. OCworkbench reviews Soltek SL-75KVA-X VIA KT133A
  5. BXBoards takes on Abit SA6R i815E

  1. 3D Spotlight's Internet Explorer tweak guide
  2. AnandTech on 3dfx Hidden Surface Removal
  3. THG on OpenGL Turbobooster - Diamond's FireGL2
  4. Hardware One's basics of networking part I and part II
  5. Digit Life reviews FujiFilm FinePix 4700 digicam
  6. The Tech Zone reviews MidiLand S4 8200 8 piece
  7. GamePC's Tech Guide: beyond DDR
  8. 3DnHardware's December RAM roundup
  9. Extreme Overclocking reviews Alpha PAL6035

  1. PowerStrip 3.0 beta (December 17 ~ PowerVR Kyro support)
  2. GeForce2 Tweak Utility version 2.4
  3. NVmax release 1.0 maintenance #3
  4. Windows Media 8 encoding utility beta
  5. Winamp version 2.71
  6. VIA 4-in-1 driver version 4.26@VIAhardware
  7. Opera 5.01
  8. MS Security Bulletin (MS00-097): "severed Windows Media Server connection" vulnerability
  9. Tranzmit's new demos: Final Reality by Ritual Entertainment, Sunkdemo by Evil Ninja Mob, and Toleranz by Virne
  10. Abit kt7wt BIOS for the KT7 (mixed reviews ~ download at your own risk)
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