Report: Intel starts PR offensive against Nvidia's Ion

After suing Nvidia because of a disagreement over chipset licensing, Intel may have launched a negative PR campaign against Nvidia's Ion platform. The folks at Bit-Tech claim to have laid their eyes on an Intel document entitled, "Nvidia Ion Competitive Positioning Guide," which is reportedly chock-full of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about the low-cost nettop platform.

According to Bit-Tech's overview, many of Intel's criticisms are simply common-sense observations: Ion includes the same GeForce 9400 chipset as full-sized desktops and notebooks, and that chipset could increase costs and power consumption compared to Intel's silicon. Also, so far, no major PC makers have announced Ion-based products.

Intel allegedly makes some more insidious accusations, though. The chipmaker talks of "continued execution and power problems" with the GeForce 9400 chipset, and it reportedly "quotes a number of tech sites who have detailed Nvidia's chipset manufacturing issues." Intel then challenges Nvidia's claims about HD video playback capabilities, pointing to our Ion reference platform review as evidence that "Nvidia's Ion HD playback may not be as good as Nvidia claims." (We did encounter problems with 1080i playback, but 1080p content played smoothly.)

Bit-Tech says Intel concludes its document by saying, "Don't buy the hype around Nvidia Ion—it offers no advantages that an Intel platform cannot provide relevant to the Netbook and Nettop market segments." The chipmaker warns that "the window of opportunity for Ion is very short," too, because new Intel netbook and nettop platforms—presumably based on Atom's system-on-a-chip successor—will be out "at the end of this year."

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