Quake Live goes public, Quake III iPhone port in the works

As scheduled, id Software opened up the Quake Live beta to the public late yesterday. The browser-based multiplayer shooter (and Quake III: Arena redux) is now accessible through www.quakelive.com.

To play, you'll need to sign up with your name and e-mail address, download the browser plug-in (Firefox and Internet Explorer for Windows only), then set up your character. After that, you'll be invited to play a training match against a bot, which will assess your fragging proficiency for skill-matching in proper multiplayer games. When you start looking for a server, you'll be able to choose a game either at or above your skill level.

In related news, id Software's John Carmack told the folks at the MTV Multiplayer blog that he's working on a version of Quake III for the iPhone. The game is up and running on the handset, he says, although it needs "a new redesign of the render [sic] to make it fast enough to be really good playing on the iPhone." Carmack adds that some Quake Live elements could make their way into the game, thus creating "more of a modern 'Quake III Arena' based on the 'Quake Live' work. Which would be pretty cool." (Thanks to Shacknews for the link.)

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