Nvidia responds to negative Intel PR

As one might expect, Nvidia responded promptly to the Intel allegations we heard about yesterday, sending us an e-mail with its "counter-presentation" this afternoon. In case you missed our news post, Intel reportedly sent out a slide deck that criticizes Nvidia's Ion platform and says Intel chipsets are better-suited to netbooks. So, what does Nvidia have to say?

The presentation directly addresses some of the allegations, like the claim that Ion increases power consumption compared to Intel's own platform. According to Nvidia, Ion's MCP79 integrated graphics chipset may have a significantly higher TDP than the Intel equivalent, but "typical power" is only half a watt higher—9.5W instead of 9.0W, to be precise. The Nvidia presentation quotes two hours and 40 minutes of battery life for an Intel 945GSE-powered system, and it says moving to an MCP79 only decreases that by nine minutes (although there's no mention of other system components or testing methodology).

As for Intel's "window of opportunity" assertion, Nvidia claims the next-generation Atom platform won't bring significant graphics performance improvements. On the other hand, the Ion 2 platform coming in the fourth quarter will "expand . . . performance & features." Also, Ion 2 will work with Via's Nano CPUs.

Finally, Nvidia included a list of current MCP79-powered systems, as well as endorsements from Microsoft and the press for good measure. The firm still hasn't announced any partners with Ion-based products in the pipeline, though.

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