Shots of 'Core i5' mobos from Asus, MSI leak out

A day before the beginning of the CeBit trade show, German site PC Games Hardware has managed to snap photos of upcoming motherboards fresh from the Asus and MSI booths. The boards all have LGA1160 sockets, and as far as we can tell, they're meant to accommodate mainstream Core i7 derivatives code-named Lynnfield. You can start looking for Lynnfield CPUs in stores in the second half of this year—possibly under the Core i5 brand, although Intel has yet to announce that.

Back to the motherboards, PC Games Hardware has posted several shots of Asus P7U and P7U Pro mobos. Both parts have relatively spartan layouts and only a single core-logic chip tucked away under a tiny heatsink. The Pro model has two physical PCI Express x16 slots, while the P7U has just one.

A look at the site's MSI booth photos sheds a little more light on Intel's future chipsets. MSI advertises dual-channel memory, CrossFire and SLI multi-GPU support, and—if the model name is any indication—an Intel P55 chipset. Interestingly, the MSI G7P55-DC has triple PCIe x16 slots and display output ports (both DVI and VGA) in its rear I/O cluster, which hints that the P55 might have integrated graphics capabilities. The board also has handy power, reset, clear CMOS, and "turbo" buttons at the bottom.

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