Transmeta's Crusoe roadmap

Back in November, Transmeta took a public relations hit because they had to recall some faulty Crusoe processors. Nevertheless, Hiroshige Goto of PC Watch has posted a Crusoe roadmap. Warning for modem users: this JPEG is 475KB in size. This year saw the introduction of the TM3200, TM5400, and the TM5600 processors. Early next year will see the debuts of the 400MHz TM3300 with no L2 cache and the 500MHz+ TM3400 with 256KB L2 cache. The TM5800 will make its appearance around Q2 in speed grades between 700-800MHz with 512KB / 1MB L2 cache. 2002 will bring the TM3500 beginning at 600MHz+ with 256KB L2 cache. The TM3500 processor may be part of some kind of integrated solution utilizing 2D graphics, LCD controller, and USB. By far their most intriguing offering is a proposed 256-bit VLIW core processor at speeds in excess of 1GHz. It is speculated that the end of 2002 will see Transmeta transition to the 0.10 micron process. It sounds ambitious but they will still have to overcome their skeptics in the marketplace.
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