A-Data unleashes half-terabyte SSD

Consumer solid-state drives are quickly climbing in capacity. A-Data has announced a new 2.5" SSD that can store up to 512GB, putting it right up there with the latest and greatest mobile hard disk drives. Of course (and this is just us going out on a limb), the SSD will probably cost quite a bit more than its mechanical rivals.

A-Data rates the 512 XPG 2.5" SSD for top read speeds of 230MB/s and top write speeds of 160MB/s. Coupled with the 300MB/s Serial ATA interface and near-instantaneous access times, that should translate into fairly snappy performance. (For the record, Intel's super-fast X25-E Extreme SSD has respective read and write ratings of 250MB/s and 170MB/s.)

Sadly, while A-Data flaunts photos of the SSD's packaging and the "dashing, durable lightweight aluminum casing," it neglects to mention pricing and availability details.

This isn't the only company to announce a 512GB SSD. Last year, Toshiba revealed plans to start production of a 512GB 2.5" solid-state in the second quarter of this year. The Toshiba THNS512GG8BB uses 43nm multi-level-cell NAND flash memory and has performance ratings of 240/200MB/s.

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