New Thermaltake enclosure looks like lunch tray

We recently reviewed a Lian Li enclosure with sideways optical drive bays, but this latest specimen is clearly much further up on the weirdness scale. As TR gerbils recently noted in our forums, Thermaltake has been displaying a strange compartmentalized case at CeBit this week. Both Expreview and Hexus have photos from the show floor.

Dubbed the Level 10, the enclosure looks more like something out of an old sci-fi movie than an actual PC case. It houses components like the hard drives, optical drives, and the power supply in individual boxes that poke out of a lateral panel—a bit like a sealed school lunch tray sitting on its side. As far as we can tell, 3.5" hard drives each get their own individual compartments, and there's room for six of 'em.

Unfortunately, Hexus says Thermaltake kept the case sealed and didn't show off the internals. Expect more details and probably an official launch at Computex in early June.

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