3DPulpit presents Quake III with motion blur

3dfx may no longer exist as we used to know it, but Voodoo 5 5500 owners, listen up. If you promise to be good, Reverend's 3DPulpit has a small Christmas present for you. Presenting Quake III: Arena with 3dfx Motion Blur. Ooh, eye-candy.
What we have here is a demonstration of 3dfx Interactive's "T-Buffer" being used to effect "Motion Blur" in the game Quake3Arena (or rather an earlier Q3Test version). It requires the use of 4sample Rotated-Grid Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing.

Again, this is based on an earlier Q3Test version, one prior to the game's retail release. This is NOT an AVI or movie - it is, erm, the Real Thing™. If you can manage to find a server that is still using this specific Q3Test version, you can actually play this with Motion Blur online. Provided you have a Voodoo5 5500, of course.

Note that this is being provided "as is." There will be no major technical support, so please read the instructions carefully before installing. Download the zip file here, and dream of what could have been.
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