FirePro 2450 draws 18W, can drive four displays

Workstation graphics cards sometimes dazzle with high-end specifications and price tags in the thousands of dollars, but AMD's new FirePro 2450 is a little different. The card has a low-profile design, and AMD says it only draws about 18W of power on average.

Despite the small form factor, the FirePro 2450 has 512MB of onboard memory, and it includes a pair of VHDCI connectors. Hook up breakout cables to those connectors, and AMD says you can drive up to four DVI-I or VGA monitors. The official press release doesn't mention maximum resolutions for each output, but it does mention "driving multiple high resolution monitors for the maximum amount of screen space."

Don't let the low-profile design fool you: this is still a workstation product, and AMD charges accordingly—$499, to be precise. Purportedly, this offering is designed to replace the FireMV workstation cards used by "many leading financial services organizations."

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