AMD ships 50 million GPUs for the Wii

With all the fab spinning-off and PC graphics card price wars, you might easily forget that AMD GPUs account for a pretty big chunk of the console market, too. This morning, AMD announced that it shipped its 50 millionth ATI Hollywood graphics processor for the Nintendo Wii.

Reaching the 50-million threshold makes Hollywood "the most successful AMD game console chip to date in terms of unit sales," says AMD. While the press release doesn't mention it, the Xbox 360's bigger and more powerful ATI Xenos GPU probably isn't doing too badly, either. Microsoft announced in January that it had shipped 28 million Xbox 360s worldwide since the console's launch in late 2005.

For what it's worth, Nvidia has a finger in the PlayStation 3 pie, although Sony had only shipped 21.3 million PS3s as of December 31, 2008. Of course, neither AMD nor Nvidia goes out of its way to reveal exactly how much revenue it gets from console GPU sales, so the real impact of those shipments isn't clear.

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