New iPod shuffle still has no display, now lacks buttons

Attention, trendy joggers and celebrities everywhere: the third-generation iPod shuffle is out. Apple has updated its diminutive music player with a smaller, even more stripped-down design (and, somehow, a higher price tag).

The most notable change is probably the complete lack of buttons, which makes the device look like a smooth aluminum stick of gum with a clip at the back. Apple opted to move the controls to the earbud cord, a change that's sure to thrill anyone wishing to use their own, higher-quality earbuds. There's still no display, of course, but Apple has implemented a text-to-speech feature that can read out song names and playlists in an awkward synthesized voice.

The new iPod shuffle is available now in silver and white variants, both of which cost $79 and have 4GB of capacity. If that's too rich for your blood, you can still buy the 1GB second-gen iPod shuffle for $49.

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