GeForce 9800 GT may not get a new name, after all

Remember how, according to some rumor sites, Nvidia was supposed to re-brand its GeForce 9800 GT as the GeForce GTS 240 (or, at least, launch a higher-clocked variant with that same name)? That isn't going to happen, says DailyTech.

The site claims to have gotten hold of a "confidential e-mail" in which Nvidia tells customers to focus on three variants of the 9800 GT—the plain GeForce 9800 GT, a low-power version of that product, and a higher-overclocked "GeForce 9800 GT OC." That 9800 GT OC label supposedly doesn't refer to just any card with higher-than-stock speeds. Rather, DailyTech talks of a "niche product" with specifications similar to those of the GeForce 9800 GTX.

If you've kept track of Nvidia's product releases over the past year or two, you'll know the 9800 GT is effectively a re-badged GeForce 8800 GT. When it came out last summer, Nvidia told us the "new" product would eventually feature a 55nm version of the G92 GPU, but it was otherwise identical. Nvidia used a 55nm G92 in the faster GeForce 9800 GTX+, too, which is now being reborn as a GeForce GTS 250 512MB (more or less). Also, Nvidia put 55nm G92 chips in the new mobile GeForce GTX 280M and 260M GPUs—a branding move that's generated some negative feedback from consumers.

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