Deal of the week: A ThinkPad X61 tablet for $649

Who needs a netbook when you can get a full-blown Lenovo ThinkPad convertible laptop for $649? Believe it or not, that’s apparently possible—and with no mail-in rebates involved.

Lenovo quotes a regular price of $2,019 for the ThinkPad X61, but the system is currently on sale for $799. And, until March 16, you should be able to shave the price down to $649.03 by entering the coupon code “USPTABLETWSL” (without the quotes) on the Lenovo checkout page.

The ThinkPad X61 isn’t particularly recent, but it still has fairly well-rounded specifications: a 12.1″ 1024×768 display that can rotate and fold over the keyboard in tablet format, a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo L7500 processor, 1GB of DDR2 RAM (upgradable to 4GB), a 160GB 5,400-RPM hard drive, 802.11g Wi-Fi, an eight-cell battery, and a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium.

If you don’t mind going with last year’s fashion to save a few bucks, the renowned ThinkPad build quality, compact form factor, and quick processor seem like a great combination for that kind of money. In ultraportable ThinkPad tradition, though, the X61 features a TrackPoint nub as its sole pointing device—so folks who can’t live without a touchpad should look elsewhere. (Thanks to LogicBuy for the tip and coupon code.)

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    • Stranger
    • 11 years ago

    Why pay that much for a laptop that doesn’t even include a graphics card? might as well get a cheaper netbook.

      • MadManOriginal
      • 11 years ago

      Because a C2D @ 1.6GHz destroys an Atom netbook which also doesn’t include a good discrete graphics card?

      • Synchromesh
      • 11 years ago

      Pfft, I could make a list. How about:

      1. decent-size screen with standard res
      2. one of the best laptop keyboards in industry versus utter junk that is a netbook keyboard
      3. enough power to run pretty much any modern OS
      4. RAM expandability most netbooks can only dream of
      5. tablet features
      6. much higher Thinkpad quality versus cheap plastic junk that most netbooks are made of
      7. ability to use this as your every day PC without problems
      8. available ultrabase with optical drive (at least on non-tablet models)

      I can go on. I just don’t understand this idiotic fascination with netbooks. I can buy a used ultraportable Thinkpad for same money and it will be far better in almost every sense, yet people still buy cheap plasticky junk that is netbooks.

        • MadManOriginal
        • 11 years ago

        I think the Southpark Chinpokomon episode explains the fascination with ever smaller electronics relative to other ‘things’:

        Chinpokomon Executive: You are American.
        South Park Toy Store Owner: Yes.
        Chinpokomon Executive: Ohhh, you must have very big penis!
        South Park Toy Store Owner: Excuse me, I was just asking you what your up to with these toys.
        Chinpokomon Executive: Nothing, we are very simple people with very small penis. Mr. Hosik’s penis is especially small!
        Mr. Hosik: So small.
        Chinpokomon Executive: We cannot achieve so much with such small penis, but you American wow, penis so big, so big penis!
        South Park Toy Store Owner: Well aah I guess it is pretty good size.

        (sorry, I tried to NSFW the post with spoiler tags but the tagging is different from the forums)

    • paulWTAMU
    • 11 years ago

    i really, really wish I had the money for that right now.

      • ludi
      • 11 years ago

      Yeah, me too…although frankly I don’t need it at all right now, so it would mainly be a toy…

    • mad dog
    • 11 years ago

    notice the margins on this thing … now I know why there’s a “crysis”; jeez …

    • MadManOriginal
    • 11 years ago

    That really is a great deal for those specs and it’s a Lenovo. It’s like upper-end netbook pricing but you get a real notebook. EOL’d notebooks like this are why netbooks are unappealing to me.

    • bdwilcox
    • 11 years ago

    No downgrade option to XP. No thanks.

    • crabjokeman
    • 11 years ago

    Ok, so where’s the $599 version with Linux or no OS?

      • AKing
      • 11 years ago

      Sorry, Windows-Tax obligatory 😛 .

    • eitje
    • 11 years ago

    I was seconds from pulling the trigger on this, but decided to save my money and just keep using a laptop for some tasks and a separate tablet for others. 🙁

    • Forge
    • 11 years ago


    • jwb
    • 11 years ago

    These are obviously on clearance, because they have neither the 1400×1050 high resolution screen nor the 1024×768 multitouch screen. Instead they just have the plain jane XGA touch screen.

      • Prototyped
      • 11 years ago

      Lenovo discontinued the SXGA+ display last year owing to supply difficulties.

      I would have loved to pick one up at that price. As it is I don’t own a computer at the moment and will be needing a fairly portable laptop starting next month. Unfortunately for me, I don’t live in the US (or anywhere near for that matter) so I can’t avail of this deal. 🙁

    • dragmor
    • 11 years ago

    I’ve got a HP tablet based on the puma platform. It changed the way I use the computer, first time in ~15 years something has done that for me.

    • indeego
    • 11 years ago

    The problem with cli–I mean touchpoints: They eventually drift.

    The problem with trackpads: Palms accidentally brushing against.

    Sweet deal, I guess, it’s ~19 months old and cost ~$2000 back theng{<.<}g

      • ssnseawolf
      • 11 years ago

      Thinkpad nipples don’t drift. If it does start drifting, it’ll recalibrate itself automatically after about a second, so it’s always just about properly calibrated.

        • indeego
        • 11 years ago

        Read some reviews. They drift. It happens on the HP’s I’ve used with them alsog{<.<}g

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