Windows 7 RC1 may arrive in late May

Almost a month ago, we quoted a Neowin report that said the first Windows 7 release candidate could arrive as early as April 10. Today, Neowin taps Russian website Wzor, which claims Microsoft's official schedule calls for a public RC1 build release "during the last week of May 2009."

Testers will get Windows 7 release candidate "escrow" builds in the fourth week of April, and reportedly, Microsoft will coordinate the Windows 7 RC1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 release schedules. According to Neowin, an escrow build is a version of the software "where development halts and developers & beta testers start testing the product for any show-stopper bugs."

The same site also dug up some dirt on the Office 14 schedule. Word is that the first Office 14 beta will come out in July but won't be available to the public. A second beta will roll out in November, and Microsoft plans to have the software ready in about a year—"early March 2010."

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